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What my clients say about me and my work

What a guy!  My husband called on a Sunday morning because our water heater wasn’t working.  The plumber couldn’t come out because of issues with his truck but was willing to explain to my husband what needed to be done and how we could do it ourselves .  I had hot water again within a couple of  hours thanks to Macias Plumbing!

Miss "Crazy Cat Lady" M.’s
Miss "Crazy Cat Lady" M.’sCustomer#

Fast service,
always smile,
Called the rescue plumber. Ros.. Was the technician that came to rescue my Restaurant, it didn’t take him long to see what causes the problem. Then He took out his 120 foot long snake machine and went to work. Next thing you know all the water from every drain when down the sewerage pipe. All and all the the service was fast, and the price was reasonable enough for me to call him back again in the near future. Thanks again Ros..

Prom R.’s
Prom R.’sCustomer#

This evening we discovered water backing up in the shower, and water running onto the floor when we flushed a toilet. Clogged sewer line! I called Macias Plumbing at 5:50pm. Ros answered the phone, and he told me that he was headed to a non-emergency call. Ros called me back and said he would be at my place in 30 minutes or less. Ros arrived at 6:20pm, and he set-up his equipment near our outdoor sewer clean-out line. Ros snaked the sewer line, and the standing water receded within minutes. Ros was professional, friendly and efficient. Also, his quoted price was reasonable – especially given his rapid response time. Plus, he spared us having to spend the night at a hotel! We couldn’t be happier!

The next time you have a plumbing problem, call Ros at Macias Plumbing & Rooter. You will not regret it!

Harry K.This evening we discovered water backing up in the shower

Kitchen sink got plugged 2days ago tried DIY and turned out to be a little complicated job.
I called Ross this morning and he was able to come earlier than I expected. He was neat and did an excellent job.
I would definitely call again if something else goes wrong.
Five stars to you Ross.

Mang K.Kitchen sink got plugged 2days ago tried DIY and turned out to be a little complicated job.

Ros was amazing, responsive, professional and a good listener.  We had just put in wood floors at my Mother-in-Law’s house and needed to hookup the washing machine and dryer again. I was starting to put it all back together when I ran into a brick wall with the washing machine’s discharge hose.  I decided to call in a plumber from around her area, went on Yelp! and called Macias Plumbing & Rooter, Ros answered and was on another job but patiently listened to my situation and vowed to be there within the hour after he finished the job he was on.

True to his word he showed up and assessed the situation and started working on the job, on a Saturday afternoon.  Ros hit the same brick wall I did and mentioned to me that the job may become a bigger if he couldn’t fix the discharge hose problem.  This is where he is so humble and gracious, we brainstormed together and came up with a solution, which he executed and performed like the pro he is, saving us from falling off the cliff of plumbing hell.  All in all what a great experience at a very reasonable price.  Ros and his company are on my list of honest plumbers to call when I need a great plumber.  Now I need to find an honest, reliable and reasonably priced Electrician.


Dennis N.Ros was amazing

I needed a line to the ice maker installed and I called Ros because of the reviews here.
He was prompt, friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.  There were unforeseen problems during the installation and it turned out to be much more work than he quoted but he was willing to stand by the insufficient quote!!  I was so surprised by this!!  I will definitely be calling Macias plumbing for all my future plumbing needs and I will recommend him to everyone I know.

Use this guy he’s awesome!!!!!!

Chris Z.What a guy!

The plumber came in a timely manner and fixed almost impossible fixed with my corroded pipes I’m very pleased I will be using his services in the futur

Joey H.

With no drain stopper in the tub.. it was only a matter of time when something would go down the drain and clog it up. And sure enough a small bath tub went down the hole this weekend.

I found Macias plumbing with a lot of great reviews so I decided to give them a call. Rosendo took my call and I was surprised he was even available since it is labor day. He was here with in an hr like he had stated and after assessing the situation which was the main pipe being clogged he got right to work.. It was not an easy job because the toy was pretty big and stubborn to flush out but he got it done.

He was very friendly, punctual and professional. His price was very reasonable and I will definitely be recommending his plumbing services to my friends and family.

Karla R

Excellent service!!! Called on a Saturday and he was at my house in 30 minutes. I absolutely recommend this plumber!!!!

Trish H

Awesome guys, works very well and reasonable prices. Unplugged the toilet very fast

Fred F

After a night and morning with 10 plus people in my new house taking showers, doing laundry, and handling their business, the plumbing said “no mas”. It was a Saturday of a holiday weekend so I was expecting a serious wallet lashing. Man did I strike gold. Ros was at my house within 45 minutes of calling (just as he said he would). It’s amazing to me how many “professionals” don’t do that nowadays! He was friendly, professional, and very reassuring the issue could be taken care of. The plumbing issue was harder than thought and took more time and effort, but Ros kept with the original quote. Can’t recommend Macias plumbing enough! I have some other plumbing related projects coming up and I know exactly who I will be calling.

Fernando A

Ros was very friendly and came all the way out to us in the South Bay for an estimate. He did what was best for us. He was also very thoughtful with our floors and walls. I would definitely call him again.

Elvis B

Ros was very friendly and came all the way out to us in the South Bay for an estimate. He did what was best for us. He was also very thoughtful with our floors and walls. I would definitely call him again.


After taking a shower and running the washing machine in a house I had just purchased, I noticed dirty water and an awful smell in the second bath. I had a home warranty and thought all was well. I called the warranty company’s plumber, and he came out and tried to scam me. The plumber told me that it would cost four thousand plus dollars and he would have to dig up my whole front yard. He tried to scare me, telling me I would only be able to flush the toilet twice before sewage backed up into the house. That was in the beginning of Dec. I called Macias plumbing and Ross came out and snaked the line and it has functioned without a problem since then! What a great plumber! He came right away, was affordable, and fixed the problem. I highly recommend Macias plumbing.

Donna S

I had a huge plumbing problem that no one could figure out, until I called Macias plumbing. Ros came out quick and was able to identify the problem. Not only did he do a great job, he was very affordable. Now all my friends and family use him and I highly recommend Macias plumbing to anyone. Thanks Ros!

Joe R

I can’t believe how incredibly difficult it is to find a good plumber. After searching through plumbers in the area I got two estimates from online companies and a referral for Macias Plumbing from a friend. Among the three, Ros from Macias Plumbing was the most professional, most knowledgeable, most personable, and seemed the most trustworthy. With a baby in the house I wanted someone I felt comfortable with so I chose Macias Plumbing. His costs are awesome and his service is even better! We just moved into the house so I had quite a few projects for him. He finished each project on time and within budget. All his work passed inspections with flying colors. Of all the contractors I’ve been working with on the new house Macias Plumbing is the only one I would refer to friends and family.

Jon W